Sangoma UT51 - VoiceTimeTM Outille USB de syntonisation VoIP

UT51-USB Voice Synch Tool (Internal USB Header) UT51

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Utilisez cette simple horloge USB pour synchroniser les signaux VoIP lorsque vous n'utilisez un trunk SIP. Cette clé usb améliore la qualité de la voix des appels en synchronisent l'horloge de votre serveur VoIP

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  • UT51-USB Voice Synch Tool (Internal USB Header) UT51
Specification Technique

Use this simple USB Clock to synchronize IP signals when you are not running PSTN hardware. It provides accurate clock timing for Asterisk, trixbox Pro, PBXtra and CallWeaver. FreeSWITCH support coming soon.

Asterisk usually gets its sense of time or "clocking" from Zaptel via a Zaptel compatible PCI card. But if your IP PBX will only be using SIP trunks, no PCI cards are necessary. This is why Sangoma created the UT51 VoiceTime, to provide reliable clocking to Zaptel without having to buy a more expensive PCI card.

When is the Sangoma UT51 USB necessary?

The UT51 may not be necessary for small systems, but for systems with more than a few simultaneous calls or ACD, conference bridges & call recording, accurate timing will become essential. If you do not have a Zaptel card installed you will need hardware timing and the UT50 & UT51 provide it at a much lower cost than the alternative. If you are experiencing dropped calls or bad sound quality and do not have hardware timing, the UT51 may correct the issue.

Caractéristiques de base du produit:

  •  Simple connexion USB.
  •  Dispositif de chronométrage Asterisk
  •  USB (RT-50) et interne 
  •  Broche en-tête (UT-51 )
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