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General Electric NX-8/NX-005/NX-148E - Zone Control Panel & Switch protection+Transfo & Clavier LCD

Zone Control Panel/Switch protection+Transfo/Clavier LCD NX-8/NX-005/NX-148E

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NX-8 Zone Control Panel & NX-005 Switch protection & Transfo & Clavier LCD NX-148E

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  • Zone Control Panel/Switch protection+Transfo/Clavier LCD NX-8/NX-005/NX-148E

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Zone Control Panel & Switch protection & Transfo & Clavier LCD 

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NX-8 Zone Control Panel

Expanded event log Early open/late close reporting
Expandable to 48 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones
Maximum of 24 keypads with up to
8 per partition 8 true partitions with separate account codes, entry/exit delays, and feature selections for each partition
Wireless technology with up to 48 supervised zones
Supports up to 99 users Hardwire expansion up to 48 zones
Supports SIA and contact ID communication formats
512-event history log that provides date, time, event and user number

Switch NX-005

The NX-005 is a security tamper switch and bracket from GE Security which has been developed for using with different types of devices that are in locations where interference or vandalism may be a problem from outside influences. This excellent grade NX-005 bracket and tamper switch is made from high quality cost effective materials, and is available at a price that is affordable for many kinds of security operations.

SKU : NX-148E

Manufacturer : GE Security
Type : Hardwired
Keypads : Alphanumerique
Integrated 48-zone wireless
Optimize wireless reception by having the keypad/receiver in the best location (NX-148E-RF version)
LCD, easy-to-read programmable display
Traditional design to go with any décor . 

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