Zycoo D60 - CooFone-D60 Téléphone IP avec 6 Lignes SIP Voix HD PoE

CooFone-D60 Téléphone IP avec 6 Lignes SIP Voix HD PoE D60

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CooFone-D60 Zycoo Téléphone IP avec 6 lignes HD PoE . Avec codec HD G722, et l'annulation d'écho

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  • CooFone-D60 Téléphone IP avec 6 Lignes SIP Voix HD PoE D60


CooFone-D60 is advanced and feature-rich IP Phone for office business. Programmable Softkeys and function keys allows you to define more features easily and enhance your productivity. With HD codec G722, and echo cancellation, you can enjoy the wonderful voice quality in the constant communication environment. The reasonable price with default PoE supported, as well as expandable key module(optional), remotable auto provisioning and software upgrating, this IP Phone will provide you the valuable working experience.

Caractéristiques Techniques

Call forward/ Caller ID
Call transfer (blind/attended)
Call holding/waiting
Flexible dial map
Empty calling no. reject service
Black list/ White list
BLF/ No disturb/ Speed dial/ SMS
4 line keys defined as multi line with screen display, or used as SIP line keys
Softkeys/ Function keys programmable
8 DSS keys
IAX2 line key
SIP authentication (none, basic, MD5)
Phonebook 500 records
9 kinds of ring type and 5 user-defined music ring
Incoming calls /outgoing calls /missing calls(100 records for each).

Advanced Features

XML phonebook/browser
Code synchronization via IP PBX/IMS
Click to dial via web phone book
Action URL/Active URI
Voice codec setting for each SIP line
Hands-free headset ringing choice
Signal tone parameters customized
Voice codec setting for each SIP line
Keypad lock, and emergency call during the keypad lock.
Ring play via headset or speaker setting
Code synchronization via IP PBX/IMS
Click to dial via web phone book/ Group listening

IP Phone System Integration

Conference call park
Call pickup
Paging and intercom
Redial and unredial
Click to dial
Secondary dialing automatically
CLIR (reject the anonymous call)
CLIP (make a call with anonymous)
Dial without register

Codec & Voice

Wideband codec: G.722.1
Narrowband codec: G.711a/u, G.723.1 high/low, G.729a/b, G.726
Echo cancellation: G.168
Compliance in LEC, additional acoustic echo cancellation(AEC) can reach 96ms max filter length in hands-free mode
Full duplex hands-free speakerphone
Voice Gain Setting, VAD, CNG
EXT DSS consoles with 5max.

Network Features
WAN/LAN: 10/100M Ethernet ports
Route and Bridge mode.
Bridge working as hub(optional)
PPPoE for xDSL
DTMF: SIP info, DTMF Relay,RFC2833
SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs
VLAN(voice vlan/data vlan)/ 802.1
Basic NAT and NAPT
NAT transverse: STUN client
DHCP client on WAN
DHCP server on LAN
Peer to Peer


Main DNS and secondary DNS server.
DNS Relay, SNTP Client, Firewall
QoS with DiffServ
Network tools in telnet server:
including ping, trace route, telnet client

Maintenance and Management

Web, telnet and keypad management with different account right
HTTP, FTP or TFTP server
Auto provisioning: DHCP option66
Telnet remote management/upload/download setting file
Safe mode provide reliability
Auto Provisioning via HTTPS/FTPS(optional)
TR-069(optional)/ Syslog


Power Adapter



WAN: 10/100Base-T RJ-45 for WAN

LAN: 10/100Base-T RJ-45 for PC

Power Consumption: Idle: 2.5W/Active: 2.8W

LCD Size: 80*43mm/ 128*64 pixel

Operation Temperature: 0-40

Relative Humidity: 10-65%

Main Chipset: Broadcom

SDRAM: 128Mbits

Flash: 32Mbits

Module D'extension pour CooFone-D60 IP 26 Touches CEP-26
Zycoo - CEP-26
Module D'extension pour CooFone-D60 IP 26 Touches DSS Programmables
PEC-26 Module d'extension pour Tél CooFone-D60 IP conçue pour améliorer la flexibilité et la productivité de pointe.26 touches DSS programmables

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562,80 Dh TTC

Economie : 181,00 Dh - 28%

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